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    Fellow soldiers,

    It’s been a very lucid night, by the Lord’s grace. After very seriously looking back and reflecting on my life, from start to present, I really am floored at how much trouble and destruction I was constantly flinging my soul and body at. It’s actually very scary at times to look back on.

    I want to say PRAISE GOD! For saving my life – without him I’d probably be at rock bottom somewhere. I’ve never experienced that, but I know a lot of people around me that have. I thank the Lord for his mercy.

    This has been the most intense year of my entire life. The Lord changed my heart and saved my soul. My whole reality got thrown into God’s blender and he hit puree, and he’s been molding it to his liking since (and obviously before). PRAISE GOD! For saving my soul.

    PRAISE GOD for Jesus Christ our Lord and Master. That he could do it all perfectly for us. Salvation is of the Lamb.

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    Shoutout to Travis- I plan to be back online soon man. I hope you are doing ok and I am putting you in my prayers. You are a real soldier man, I really really appreciate you (Praise the Lord that I met you brother). I know I haven’t been there for you the last few weeks, but I’ve been fortunately getting my life on track. I do 1000% better with routine, and I just can’t be waltzing onto my comp every night staying up late- I’ve gotta be up at dawn, and I’ve gotta do it on the regular. I’d love to start a weekly bible study with you over the net.

    Praise God, and God bless you all. You are all in my prayers.

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    ya man, a bible study would be cool. I haven’t been on much either since I got a new girl friend. It has been cool going over the Bible with her. We also have talked about making some ambient tracks together, which would be awesome. Anyway hope to see you around brother!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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