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    Hello Godsdjs members and occasional / mysterious guest viewers.
    Its been a long while since the last time we have dedicated and directed our prayers for
    influential producers and Djs.
    Prayer Circle is a challenge for us to spend time being broken for the lost and listening to the beating heart of Jesus.
    For bleak November I wanted to pray for Techno innovators from Detroit. If you want to take a closer look at the roots of the EDM movement in North America I recommend the documentary “High Tech Soul: the creation of techno music”

    Juan Atkins,

    Atkins began recording as “Model 500″ in 1985 and founded the Metroplex label. His friends Eddie Fowlkes, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson all recorded singles on the label.

    Atkins’ first single as Model 500, “No UFOs,” was a hit in Detroit and Chicago. He followed it with a series of landmark techno tracks, earning him the nickname “the godfather of techno.”[8] Within a few years, Atkins’ work was rereleased in Europe, influencing another generation of technocrats.

    Derrick May

    Derrick May, also known as Mayday and Rhythim is Rhythim, is an electronic musician from Belleville, Michigan U.S.A. He was born an only child[1] in Detroit in 1963 and began to explore electronic music early in his life.May has not released any original solo recordings since 1993, but has also produced numerous remixes and has re-worked his older material for video game and movie soundtracks, including, most recently, music for the new film of the popular combat video game Tekken.[3]

    For two years, in 2003&2004, he was given control of Detroit’s popular annual electronic music festival, originally conceived by Carl Craig and Derrick May, now operated by Paxahau. He named his event Movement, replacing the Detroit Electronic Music Festival along the city’s riverfron

    Kevin Saunderson

    Techno Legend
    Most pop music audiences will most remember him as one-half of the pop-house group Inner City from back in the eighties. Saunderson and Chicago vocalist Paris Grey had numerous hits, most notably ‘Big Fun’ and ‘Good Life’, which arguably did more than any other dance music tracks to push the genre music into the mainstream.

    that’s the Belleville three

    So we just pray that these guys would come to a knowledge of you. Their sins leave them deserving hell Lord, and they need to know that you can save them from an eternity ap[art from you. We admire and love them for what they’ve done creatively but you love them because of who they are, a deeper fatherly love beyond what we imagine. We ask then that you intervene in their lives and rescue them from the path they are walking and
    Direct them to you!
    Thanks guys and gals for joining with me in intercession



    all great guys man, you know im from Detroit and I actually group on the border of Canton and Bellville. (-:



    Oh yeah I was thinkin of you when i started to write and pray this up!

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    science drop

    These are some BIG Guns! Praying!

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    Josiah Fingaz

    I think saunderson is a christian.



    Oh yeah? I’d love to have confirmation about that! thats so exciting

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