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    don’t know how to open this so I am just going to be point blank -

    I am having eye issues due to glaucoma. I was asked to take a break from work and from school so that I could be monitored. The doctors have “determined” that because of the fluctuation of the pressure in my eyes over the years, the stability of them is beyond repair.

    They informed me that there is a pressure spike ( like a gyser) that has been building up under the current pressure over the past years and when it finally hits I will lose my left eye first and then my right eye. They have no method to deter it – or prevent it – and can think of no operation that can salvage the damage it will do.

    As of now I have “2-3 weeks left of sight” – I go to the doctors tmw so they can decide how far things have progressed.

    PLEASE pray for Jesus to step in and HEAL my eyes. Thank you

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    Jesus, You died for our bodies to be restored, through Your holy Spirit our bodies are made whole. I ask for Your power to rest on our brother! Heal his eyes by the power of Your blood and resurection. You created our eyes and can restore them to even better than normal. Thank You for hearing us, we rest our faith in Your strength and power to do this.

    Bless you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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