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    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to ask you all to remember the UK in your prayers. There are a lot of very angry, very lonely people on our streets venting their frustrations through acts of violence. These people have been marginalised and their problem ignored by successive governments. Now, funding for the services they rely on so much is being cut and they are left disconnected from their communities. Also, people work incredibly hard to start their own businesses or buy/rent their own houses and they are now being destroyed by this outpouring of frustration and aggression. Only the love and peace of Jesus can stop this and heal the cause of so much pain. So, please join me in praying for the safety of everyone on the streets, in their homes, working in their businesses and for a healing of the deep, deep wounds which have caused this violent behaviour in the first place.


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    I have been hearing bits and pieces of the events going on in the UK. As usual our media here in the US doesn’t give good coverage to it but glad there’s the internet for that. Your country will be in my prayers, it’s terrible what’s going on, and even worse when the mob mentality takes over.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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