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    Hey peoplez, Antinomon4 here :)

    So here is my situation – I need prayer for the event that I am pulling together in Pensacola FL. I am working to provide a Christian Concert with electronic Christian music. While on a small scale, this type of worship is known – this event is the first of it’s kind in our area as far as the city is concern and all eyes are on me right now to see how far I will push for it’s success. I ask for prayer because I have never solely done a project of this magnitude and the situation is a bit overwhelming at times. Jesus has help me to get the heaviest obstacles out of the way – I have received the support of the mayor of the city and the fire marshal of the area so the event is fully backed by the area’s chamber of commerce- but the internal logistics need work. As I am coordinating this event there are details that need to fall into place for this to succeed. I need a planner- I have never done a rave concert so I have no clue what background work needs to be done to accommodate such a project, a graphic designer, volunteers to help facilitate and secure the location during the event and other various things in this realm of needs. Above that I need prayer for faith and resolve to keep going. I am doing this on the skills and abilities Jesus has given me but I feel tremendous doubt as I step out and I need to keep going.

    Thank you for your prayers and supprt and as this event comes together I will be updating it in a major way.

    Blessings 8-)

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