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    I wasn’t really sure where else to post this question so I’m doing it here. Sorry if I’m in the wrong place.

    So, let’s say I’m compliling songs for a mix and my main focus is glorifying God. Would it be wrong of me to use tracks that weren’t initially intended to do so? I’m currently looking for trance songs, and I’m finding a lot that deal with this idea of needing love. Im pretty sure they weren’t originally referring to God’s love but if i use it in the mix in that particular context is that alright because I am referring to God?

    Thanks in advance!

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    “Being a Christian means to claim truth, where ever you find it”. Claim it as giving God the glory bro!


    Jesus taught us to Love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.
    To love our neighbor as ourself.

    All People need Love, To feel complete.

    Before we come into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, we are running around blind. Different people find different ways to fill their lives, their hearts, their minds with what they think is love. Cars, Houses, Money, Sex, Drugs, the list of evil could go on. Speaking on the Rave Culture, A lot of Party Kids are searching for love in all the wrong places.

    When you take something the enemy has used for destruction….

    And you pray, ask God to guide you in cleaning it up, ask God to use it for the Glorification of his son Jesus and to bring Glory to God, ask God to use it to bring Souls to Christ. As long as You are led by The Holy Spirit, Once it is cleaned up, It can be used To Present The Gospel, To present Salvation through Jesus Christ, to those who are lost, as we once were. When you do this, as long as you are putting God First in all you do and giving God the Glory. God will Bless that situation, God will bless the work you do and other’s will be blessed by coming to know Christ.

    My heart goes out to all people who are lost, but it really hurts for those caught up in the lies of the rave culture. 12 years ago I was a Party Kid, lost, with no hope, searching for Love in all the wrong places.

    Praise God, he used different people to plant seeds, water seeds and God brought me out of the hell, the underground scene, the darkness I was dying in…. God brought me into the Light of Jesus. Once I fealt Real Love, Agape Love, that God and Christ had for me. There was no going back to the pain i fealt in the underground scene. Now it’s time to raise up, Be a Soldier and Serve God, so we may round up God’s Children, so Christ may Return. Pray and be ready for the Holy Spirit to guide you.

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    Ryan, that was soooo right on! Well said, praise the Lord!!

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    HI! :D

    From what I have learned from a good deal of debate and conversation is this. Seek the Lord in this matter in His word and find the truths about music that are spoken of all over the Bible, and also take in the wisdom and knowledge of those who have gone before you and weigh it before the Word.

    I personally have already made my opinion pretty clear and that is, No I do not think it is ok to use music that was made for a different purpose other than glorifying the Lord. The song has already been published by a man in a fallen state, thus his music is fallen.

    What your listeners need is a song in Spirit and in Truth, not just a catchy tune. The one thing that is going to deliver them is songs of deliverance from the hands and mouths of His people, not the fallen siren songs of an already broken and seeking generation, such as we all were at one time.

    Again though, I encourage you to take the wisdom of each person here and then go before the Lord and seek His face on the matter. Spend time in prayer and seeking, as a DJ you are like a preacher in many ways. The music you mix will witness and impress the listeners that you are minstering to and possible affect them for the rest of their lives. It is a very serious yet joy filled calling.

    Blessings on you brother and may the Lord send His grace to empower you every step of your journey!


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    Another thing to think about, is if you play secular music, even though it may seem harmless enough, some of the people listening might recognize that song. For them it might bring back the wrong kind of memories, when they listened to all kinds of secular garbage.

    Just a thought? I do think its better to NOT play secular music in a Christian set. Not even one second of it, because people know what that is, and they got tired of it. That’s why they are listening to a Christian DJ now, to hear something different….

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