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    “Red and Black Counter Attack”

    Yup, It’s the red and black counter attack,
    Armageddon as a Matter of Fact,
    I see you fokers trying to stab me in the back,
    Trying to Live My Dreams,
    Trying to Tell me what it means,
    You just a bunch of suburban seen feens,
    Telling Me I can’t handle the truth,
    When you don’t know the truth at all,
    Ain’t got nothing better to do,
    Than to watch a man fall,
    Well I’m just gonna light it up,
    And Play some Hard Ball,
    You got Wicked Schemes,
    That the Devil Brings,
    All that Money Don’t mean a thing,
    Your so far in dept,
    That even if you had a billion,
    You still couldn’t touch,
    This white boy Sicilian,
    I ain’t got a dime,
    I don’t commit crimes,
    And all your doing is snorting lines,
    Way of Crack,
    Is your def tones attack,
    Well guess what boys,
    I just got Back,
    The Boats IN the dock,
    ANd I got the net locked,
    The door is open and,
    You still can’t get out,
    If I’m really such a liar,
    What did I lie about??
    You can’t answer that question,
    Because I don’t lie,
    Got my mind made up,
    And I’m ready to die,
    I’ll die for my Country,
    I’ll die for my God,
    I’ll die for Taylor,
    And Take a Bullet,
    In the Head with JFK,
    And when that Day Comes,
    You’ll all run like,
    A bunch of looses,
    Who Can’t handle a gun,
    For Now I’m just,
    Gonna Have some fun,
    Hey Obama your,
    Sht doesn’t work,
    Your looking like,
    A skinny foking jerk,
    You wanna play some catch,
    Tell your snoop lion I said,
    Why’s He siding with the enemy,
    Sound like that cat wants,
    To see the end of me,
    I see his true colors,
    I think he thinks that the terrorist,
    Are going to kill all dogs,
    I don’t see him protecting his master,
    So as far as I am concerned,
    he’s just a bump on the log,
    This Jupiter Atlantis cat,
    done took out a few assassins,
    And took 2 Blanks 2 the Head,
    And still ain’t dead,
    So get real and get red,
    Or Go Home and Go Back to Bed,
    We sleeping under the stars,
    But there burning the flag,
    Tell Jaz I said he needs to zip it,
    Before he finds himself,
    Wearing a toe tag,
    I’m tired of defending myself,
    I’m tired of defending him,
    So praise the Lord red and black,
    Just did it again.

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