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    I am doing a remix contest and this is what I have so far. I will have tomorrow morning to work on it and then I have to turn it in.

    Any feedback at this point is appreciated….


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    science drop

    Ok, I just told you this, but I will publicly declare my love for this track. Its great quality in sound, solid (bounce your head) beat, vocals are done really well, and the mellow but deep basslines are very tight. GREAT WORK DJSALTYFLAVOR!!!!!

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    very chilled, but good breakbeats there. who did the vocals? I noticed your name was in the rap. Good track.

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    Sounds very nice dude!
    For who are you remixing?
    Are these sounds from an andromeda?
    again nice job


    Hey thanks all for posting your comments. I appreciate it.

    My friend Matt aka Paradox at


    Helped me create a rap for this. I had never seen anybody have a rap in their remixed music so I thought I would give it a go and see what happens it might be the edge to push me over….and/or it might not….

    Paradox is a cool dude.

    The sounds on the remix are both from Andromeda 8 the original track and then also some of mine. So I hope that helps.

    There were a variety of tracks to remix for this contest….more info below.

    http://www.laptoprockers.eu/remix/p1/mi … x-contest/

    Thanks again I appreciate the support.

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    science drop

    Keep us informed Matt on how the contest goes. Maybe we would be able to play the track sometime on the show. :) SaltyFlavor was our first spotlight on the first show!


    So I made it into the top 12 of this remix contest and now it’s up to a vote!
    So go here and vote and leave a comment to vote for #5 – Andromeda 8 – DJ Salty Flavor remix!


    Thanks guys for the support!

    And really please vote!!!


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    science drop

    Yeah Guys go VOTE!!!! Its GOOD!

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