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    Hey all. New guy from Alabama here. I notice that most of the activity seems to happen on the God’s DJs Facebook page. I hope that changes at some point because I can’t stand Facebook and refuse to use it! On the other hand, I’m 110% addicted to Twitter.

    Anyway, I’ve been listening to various EDM genres since the early 90′s, but I’ve pretty much settled on uplifting trance and the odd progressive track here and there. One thing about me…I don’t care if anyone thinks the music I like isn’t underground enough! I’ve listened to every genre that has come along since 1991, and it’s safe to say that I’ve earned the right to listen to whatever I want no matter who thinks it’s cool or uncool. LOL! There’s way too much bickering and elitism that goes on in music, and EDM fans have got to be some of the very worst offenders.

    Why did I settle on uplifting trance? Well, for one, I got tired of sampling every new subgenre that pops up each week, but the main reason is that all I want when I listen to music is to experience a tiny bit of an escape from the world. I want music to make me happy. Skrillex does not make me happy. Ugh! But to each his own.

    So long for now. Cheers!



    welcome to the forum! and yes right now most of the activity is on our facebook page… we gained over 140,000 new members in just one year there.

    take a look at this post :


    it talks about the new site and forum

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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