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    I’m trying to start a movement in the Catholic Church to welcome anyone and everyone, regardless of where they are in at life, to share with us in dance, fellowship, and pure clean fun. The movement’s name is Sapphire Truth Party. I made a display for a conference, and although I wrote way too much, here’s the vision, thus far. Any feedback would be great! Thanks and God bless, God’s DJs, Producers, and Party People!!! I would love to party with you guys too, I’m not trying to capitalize … Coming from a freeparty background, I certainly wouldn’t want to do that when it comes to electronic music, and when it comes to my gifts in playing it’s for God, not for my wallet. This might be a tad too Catholic with some of the concepts; but it’s who and how I have been found living the Gospel. Respect to all.

    Does anyone know how to add a pdf using html?

    A Sapphire is a rare gem and for me it is an indication how precious young people are in the eyes of their Creator. The Sapphire Truth Party should and will be open to anyone who wishes to come and participate. Its doors will be open and welcoming. Sometimes, there won’t even be a door except for Jesus Christ, or a gate, except for Mary.

    Sapphire Truth Party is not a religious organization’s service for young people. We hope that with the aid of those who sympathize with our aim we will be able to establish the core of a community. The Mandate of Sapphire Truth Party is to sanctify fun, to restore the Image of those who party to God at the parties themselves.

    Who …
    Truth Party aims to change the sweeping cultural movements tide of electronic dance culture, by giving freedom while protecting innocent youth.
    Truth Party aims to be a “chance” to youth if they are having rebellious feelings towards the Church, which at their time of development, they might be because of misgiving of not having enough room for personal growth.
    Truth Party aims to be a means of proving that hypothesis wrong, through showing that Holy Church embraces all peoples, in all their times and seasons, in every land and nations.
    Truth Party will provide them with true support for youth to come to us who have questions about faith and moral teaching, so that they may choose to stay or become Catholic, learn about faith by being incorporated into a network of good teachers of the Gospel, Catechists, and other opportunities, such as to learn about Church tradition from those who are learned in our sacred history.

    What …
    Electronic music wasn’t evil or bad at it’s conception. But in time it became a tool in the hand of the evil one. He chose the composers, he set the stage. He created an unreal setting and with the aid of drugs, alcohol and free sex stole the hearts the minds and, many times, the very lives of those who were careless enough or were blind to see the traps laid out for them so carefully.
    Truth Party know now how electronic music can lead to the loss of eternal happiness. We know now how much it is burning the heart and soul with its messages until nothing remains but ashes.
    Truth Party seeks a new, true embrace of God and brothers and sisters in a Party of Truth, wholeness and completeness: early morning prayer, solemn Adoration, reconciliation, Mass, food, fellowship, testimonies from those who struggled in life, and then dancing until dusk, campfires, and a time to relax and unwind through the eating of nommy smores and a good sleep under the blanket of stars as persons of significance in God’s great and wondrous cosmos. This will give us a sense of a complete Truth Party.

    Why …
    We remember and love truly and deeply the people and the succeeding generations of youth who we once congregated with or have followed after a path which we once walked. We, however, are more saddened by the fact that they chose this path which left them wanting Joy, though they couldn’t recognize, accept, or turn to the Source, this child, Christ Emmanuel. We recognize the path they have chosen is one of perdition, and we wish to help our youth to alter course before they begin walking this path themselves.
    Being blessed with hearts which have encountered Him in the flesh and blood, soul and divinity of the sacraments, and the liturgical seasons, this Lord of All Joyfulness has touched our lives. Truth Party recognize Him as the Source of Truth, we are members of His “Party,” and we wish to serve Him by facilitating what some youth enjoy best: togetherness, fun, the playing of and dancing to music fitting for our times, and the natural subcultural self-expression which comes from these activities.

    How …
    By introducing the sounds of “Sapphire,” Truth Party will show forth a new self-image for today and tomorrow’s youth, just as today’s youth and yesterday’s youth had their own sounds and their own cultural identity from it.
    Truth Party will do so through both similar and different ideas taken from and contradictory to the ethos of electronic party culture. We will use computers for sound production; DJ controllers, do [make/build] it yourself powered amplifiers and other musical gear for performance, but we are in desire in the utmost and believe it is possible to find “Sapphire” sound (new riffs, new beats, new samples), which will aid in the development of a new cultural ethos.

    Where …
    Truth Party will party at safe venues away from places of grime in the urban landscape. We hope do to this all for the sake of the protection of and perseverance in the purity of the youth who participate who will be having so much fun anyway that will begin to enjoy a renewed this sense of purity.

    When …
    Truth Party will party during the day, we are children of the light, literally. The events will fundraisers. Dress “code,” is not in effect in the traditional sense (such as a semi-formal or club attire) but we highly encourage youth to wear clothes which is comfortable for extended periods of dancing, most likely, outdoors: not revealing, but fun dance/be watched dancing in, and to develop their own cultures codes through clothing and linguistics and learning behavior which is true to a party person who fully embraces God as the Reason and Summit of his or her Celebration.

    Truth Party will party during the times when the weather is warm, or hot. Never under extreme weather conditions. We will provide for all basic needs such as sunscreen, bug and insect repellent. We will ensure that no harm shall come to any participant, by making sure the places we Party are safe from all danger.

    So what?
    Truth Party’s aim is that that Catholics of Canada will have parties which would help them to discover the beauty of creation, listening to inspiring talks with those who have experienced hardships and how they have accepted their hardships by participating with Christ in the Paschal Mystery.
    Truth Party’s aim is to give what John Paul II of holy memory asked to be: “be not afraid,” reiterating what the Word of God said 365 times in Sacred Scripture: for each youth a complete and true sense of wonder and mystique uniting them in togetherness while finding their own personality, personal identity, and mission and calling in life.
    Truth Party hopes that people who are good Catholics, not just young ones, but mothers and fathers too, will understand the need and will sympathize with our goal. We wish to meet with others who carry the same concern in their heart as we do.
    One only knows how many people consider the impact that new “genre” or “genres” of music can make in an urban landscape. I desire to find musicians who can create new music. We have an extensively large collection of electronic dance music for any recommended musicologist’s interpretation and reinterpretation, we are in need of one. We do have the resources to build this Party from the ground up.

    Truth Party is not so much *a* Party, or Parties, to go to, but a *Party* to belong to. The Party is found in the Heart of the Church, extending the Heart of God by our gifts and talents as far as possible.
    Truth Party is consecrated and dedicated to the Most Holy Mother of God under the patronage of St. Therese of Christ Emmanuel and St. Maximilian Kolbe.
    Truth Party does focus on the need for fun in a social, economic, cultural landscape that is constantly under stress and prejudices, but from this, we do have objectives to change politics through being reinforced in social justice, a reawakening of hearts and minds towards the values of traditional family. We aim to be a network of peoples for return of good, beautiful, and true creative, visual, written, dance arts, and manufacturing of new clothing styles suitable for Sapphires.

    if-and-only-if in Jesus Christ through Mary, His Mother.

    my.love.as.sapphire@gmail.com or you can pm-facebook me. Richard (Caleb) Bornyi 

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