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    My situation is this:
    I am currently in first year of university. I know for certain that God wants me where I am right now and I’ve been struggling trying to figure out what I am supposed to do here. Up until now i thought i was supposed to be in university, but i’ve been thinking a lot about why i decided to go to uni in the first place. Looking back, the descision was definitely not made for God. I made the choice to go to uni while i was still into the party sceneand doing all kinds of drugs, and Ive only been saved since October. Sure, i changed my major so that i was no longer going to school with terrible intentions but the decision to came was still based on lies. im starting to realise uni may not be for me. I dont regret coming here. I wouldn’t know Jesus if i hadn’t, but i’m starting to look at college as a better option for me. It seems more suited for the way i work, and I’m probaby going to be engaged and married within the next year or two.
    The path I am taking right now with uni will take about 6 more years at 6000+ dollars per year for the school alone and I’ll end with something im not even sure i want right now.
    College will be two years, at half the yearly price and i think there may be a chance i get the second year free.
    That would certainly make starting a life with someone a lot easier and after that i could work for a while until I have a more definite idea of what i need to be doing.

    I have a week off of school starting monday, so i’m going to fast and pray for 2 or 3 days to try and get closer to God and make sure I’m letting Him guide me through this decision.

    If you guys could just keep me in your prayers, and just ask God to reveal to me what i need to be doing next year that would be awesome!
    Also any advice would be more than welcome!

    Peace and Love

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