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    …we need a dubstep section in here with all the other genres. eh? Can i Get an “AMEN!” ? ..you know you love the bass! :mrgreen:



    lol, i am not a big fan…buuuut I am all for it as I would like to learn more about it!


    Right on man. I wasnt a big fan of it at first, but then something happened and now im hooked. I bought a few hand fulls of DS tracks and jumped on the CDJs and went at it. I threw in a CD and hit record and was surprised that a decent mix came out of it. It a tad different to mix that trance and house. here is the DL link if ur interested. Its not 100% clean ill have to warn you. but 98% is G rated! ;) I try to get ONLY clean music but its hard when you are not able to hear the whole track before you buy it.




    Im all for it mayng…Dubstep is the new ‘Adrcore.
    Wait for my set ill let you know.
    I mean theres a speedcore section for goodness sake.
    at least you can actually mix dubstep.


    AWESOME!!! Throw me a mix as soon as you can. Id love to hear it. Be sure to DL my DS mix. it was the VERY first time i tried to mix it… something just clicked. I’m going to gather up some new tuneage and get after a new one soon!! I just love the slow, bassy, dirty vibe of it all. :o :shock: :D



    I am DLin now :) can’t wait!


    so what the deal rod??? :D



    Rodimus? c’mon Man! haha

    Looks like we like some of the same tracks. Like the woogie one and that hit one on hyperdub – digidesign…thats gonna be a classic and I predict will start a subgenre of dubstep calles BittaStep 8-)
    you heard it here first



    Ahh! We have good taste then! ;) Bittastep eh? :lol: I like that.



    ok added…now you better post stuff in it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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