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    Please pray for me.I am having a tough time at the moment. about 6 years ago I walked away from my life in Mpls. to move to TN to be a youth pastor.I left everything, I ruined my credit lost a house, left a dj job in mpls walked away from performing at some festivals. I am not complaining because the chance to love people and to let some amazing kids know that God loved them and He had a destiny for them was reward enough as paul said I count it all rubish to gain Christ. About a year ago I had some kids talking about killing themselves in my group. and after alot of prayer I told the adults in a class one night that They could not live two lives that it will cost you everything to follow Christ. That the kids where having trouble because of the fakeness of what they see on Sunday and how they see the parents living throughout the rest of the week. That if they wanted their Children to have something real with God then They need to have something real themselves. since that Time I have been Fighting a losing battle with the parents. Everything I said they have took it as an attack and I felt like a was filtering what God wanted to say because I was worried about offending someone. I have hated this last year. I hate the divide of what i read in the word of God and what we call christianity. So after Alot of prayer I have walked away from Being a youth pastor. I Love the Kids I love the fact that I have seen some of them give up their goals and say Yes Lord whatever you want. So pray for me I do not know what is next. I am a little scared. I have had some cool things happen this year like getting some new dj equipment out of the blue. I have meet some cool people like josiah freeborne and ezekial who are some great guys with great talent plus the fact that they are into stopping human trafficking which is great. anyway keep me in prayer And God bless everyone.

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    Hey brother! This is Ezekiel.

    Hang in there. I think calling the parents to accountability was very brave and somehing most people will not do anymore. Remember that Jeremiah was hated by his own people and every prophit before and after him. He spoke the truth, in love, and the people he delivered it to hated him for it. Also, Jesus himself was not received among His own people. I will keep you in my prayers fervently! Miss yah brother!


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