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    “The hooves of his horses will choke the city with dust, and the noise of the charioteers and chariot wheels will shake your walls as they storm through your broken gates…”
    Ezekiel 26:10

    Stallions Rise up from the Sea – a dark and heavy techno set

    This is a dark and heavy mix brothers and sisters:

    I would’nt post this unless I had a good reason to:
    The darkest tracks in this mix are sandwiched by more positive uplifiting techno and housey, oldskooly feeling tracks.
    There is an apocalyptic post-rave feeling that I was getting from some ravers and clubbers I was talking to. Many people are coming to the EDM scene looking to fill deep dark holes in their souls, they are striving to hear the perfect mix, some want to drown their worries and hopelessness with music and alcohol or music and drugs. I was reminded that Jesus wants to reach people while they are still in their dungeons and break them out.
    Sometimes I find myself in a state of despair and hopelessness this mix reminds me that EDM has a dark side, that enemy has been using it as his tool, we can redeem it though through Jesus and all of you are using it to bring many sons to glory I know…

    The image that came for me during this mix was that of a thousand horses like from when Ezekiel prophecies the destruction of the city of Tyre.
    Pretty intense.

    01 : M. Miranda & D. Petronelli – Aqua Marcia (Citizen Kain & Phuture Traxx Mix)
    02 : Umek – Legitimate Priest
    03 : Boris Brejcha – Flockentanz
    04 : Carlo Lio – Coppa
    05 : Maksim Dark – Portatipes
    06 : Jerome Sydenham – Museum Of Modern
    07 : Paul Funkee – Zombieland
    08 : Audion – Just a Man (Ellen Allien remix)
    09 : Valentino Kanzyani – Late Night Shadows
    10 : Alexi Delano, Tony Rohr – Creepy (Joseph Capriati Remix)
    11 : HouseEssence – Sound Of Destruction
    12 : Jerome Sydenham – Daphne (Brooklyn Dub)
    13 : Sasha Carassi – Omicron
    14 : Magda – The Black Room
    15 : Gaiser – New Dust
    16 : Hideo Kobayashi & Tomoki Tamura – Brick House (Milton Jackson Remix)
    17 : Phase – Morodem – Ben Sims Remix (Version 2)


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