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    “Sweating Blood”
    She Told Me it was a,
    Death row pardon,
    2 minutes 2 late,
    I wandered if it was destiny,
    Or Just slated fate,
    They Told to do this 2 times,
    Both ways and I followed blindly,
    Then they told me,
    I robbed them kindly,
    Finally I caved in and faked a bow,
    Now I feel like a slaughtered cow,
    And that’s when it happened,
    Everything exploded,
    I told this girl I was a terrorist,
    And Of coarse I noted,
    I am just have a hard time,
    Communicating cause all this racket,
    And they told me I was,
    Wearing the devils jacket,
    So I took off my coat,
    And stood in the rain,
    And they told me I was,
    Just so vain but never did they realize,
    I was going insane and,
    Believe me when I say I don’t play games,
    So here I am wandering why,
    I have a drop of blood coming from my head,
    By all reasons of logic I should be dead,
    Now they tell me just stay on your meds,
    It’s a scary life when all you see is red,
    But luckily for me the blue is coming through,
    And the lies are fading away,
    The ground is parched and all I can say,
    Is Give me some room to breath cause after-all,
    I’m sweating blood face down in mud,
    Hoping for somethin, not sure what for,
    Waking up at a musical door,
    I just want to surrender and fall in love,
    and Wait for God to descend from above.

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    radio edit: working out the kinks..

    and that’s just bouncing balls, none of which has anything to do with anything really important, some of it is just stuff I picked up on this satellite dish, and I just put the picture by the theater to get better reception, I had hope to give the guy some peace…. and apparently no one wants to touch this with a ten foot pole so 2 let you know I was mistaken they told me to do it it “3 time both way”…

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