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    Hey I just wanted to thank you all for this site! I am a youth leader and have used the music found on this site with my youth group almost every saturday night. They love it. They hang out in a safe place building relationships with each other and growing deeper in their relationships with God. They dance and chill and dont want to leave when midnight rolls around. Thanks to all the DJ’s that have posted their free music. Ministry on a budget can make it hard to purchase alot of the music I would like to but I will definitely be hitting the store soon. Praise God for you all and your heart to worship God in a new way. Praise God for this site. And praise God for the work He is doing in the lives of my teens!!

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    I totally agree with ya. Thanks to all! :) I too am a youth leader at my church. Havnt thought about playing some music from here…hmmmmm lol :!:



    hey Godzkidd, welcome to GodsDJs!

    this is the kinda stuff we love to hear and one of the big reasons we exist. its awesome to hear that you’re able to use this music to reach a new generation for the Lord!

    please feel free to hang out here and fellowship with us as much as possible…its the best way to keep up on all the new music being released and also a great way to fellowship and meet new people!

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    Praise God for Godsdjs (:

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