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    Just skip to italics for the fun part. This just happened for reals. I needed to get my comcast info to log in online. : P

    user Guest_ has entered room

    Guest(Wed Aug 11 2010 01:54:21 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    User ID Lookup

    analyst John has entered room

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 01:54:27 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    Hello Guest_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is John. Please give me one moment to review your information.

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 01:54:29 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    Good day! How are you so far? I am glad that you have time to contact us right away. I understand fully that you have a concern, and I really apologize for any inconvenience that the issue might have brought. Rest assured that we will do our best to be able to assist you. By the way, can I address you by your first name?

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:54:39 GMT-0700 (PST))>


    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:54:52 GMT-0700 (PST))>


    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 01:55:01 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    Thank you. MAy I know your first name, Sir/Maam?

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:55:08 GMT-0700 (PST))>


    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:55:14 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    last name ***********

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:55:18 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    acct. ************************

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 01:55:17 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    Thank you Tyler. I realize that our log ins are very vital for us to be able to access Comcast online. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. No worries anymore, you have here the right person who can solve that for you. Rest assured that I can provide you with your username and password.

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 01:55:20 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    As your Comcast service representative, I want you to know that issue resolution and your satisfaction are my top priorities for today. Together, we can work this out.

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 01:55:29 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    For me to solve the issue, I want to make sure that I am pulling up the correct account and assure protection to it, can you please provide me the following:
    1. Comcast account number (13-16 digits) or the last four digits of SSN,
    2. Full account holder’s name, and
    3. Primary phone number and the the service address

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:55:46 GMT-0700 (PST))>


    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:55:50 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    Tyler ******** **********

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:55:54 GMT-0700 (PST))>


    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:56:03 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    *** ***** *** **** livermore, CA

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 01:56:21 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    Thank you for the information and for being cooperative. Please give me 2 to 3 minutes to run a health check on your account and for me to access my tools needed to help you so that we can resolve it in the most efficient way possible. I will be verifying security information to protect your account privacy.

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 01:56:32 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    While waiting, I just want to inform you that we are currently having issues with the website and we apologize for any inconvenience this will cause you. What we can do right now is that, we can generate a password for you but this may not work for now due to some update on the site. Do not worry, our technicians are working on it righ tnow as we speak. If the logins will not work right now, I would like to ask you to check on the logins after few hours and check if it does work. Would you like to proceed and process the logins still, Tyler?

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 01:57:25 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    I will be glad to provide you with your Comcast username/Emaail since it has already been set up when your internet service was installed. Now, for the password, since we do not keep it for security reasons, I can reset it and provide you with a randomly generated one. Do not worry about changing it because you would be able to change it to your preferred password once you are able to log in.

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 01:57:56 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    Thank you for patiently waiting and for being cooperative. Now that we have changed your password, be reminded that you need to create a new password to avoid getting locked again. You can personalize your account under the Users & Settings tab through customer central by visiting http://customer.comcast.com . There, you can change the password, secret question & answer, and even the username. If ever you forgot the password, you can use the “Forgot you Password” link at the mySign-In page. Please bear in mind the passwords and answers to secret questions are case sensitive. Please log in now using your Comcast user name and temporary password:

    User name: *********
    Password: *************

    You may also use that email address to avail of other Comcast Features like Eco Bill, Fancast, and other services ready available at http://customer.comcast.com/Pages/FAQListViewer.aspx?topic=Internet&folder=64ee666e-71db-4432-9b70-518080d1bc59 .

    Please inform me if you were ab

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 01:57:56 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    le to log in now.

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:58:27 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    hey Analyst John, will that let me modify my account settings? that’s what I need to do

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 01:58:51 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    Yes, Tyler.

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:59:16 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    you’re the man Analyst John

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:59:24 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    I am in there like swimwear

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:59:28 GMT-0700 (PST))>


    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:59:31 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    kirby daaance

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:59:38 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    make Johns job more exciting toniiiight

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 22:59:43 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    < ('.'<)

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 01:59:46 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    Thank you, Tyler. Just to make sure that we have covered everything, I have verified your account and provided you the log ins’ information. I will be taking notes in your account as summary of our conversation. This will give future reference to the next agent that would be assisting you in the future. Also, we are currently asking our customers to give us a feedback on how Comcast can improve on its services. Please take the three-question survey after this chat, available after your have clicked on the End Session button. It will be deeply appreciated.

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 01:59:59 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    I really appreciate the time and opportunity you’ve given me in resolving your issue today. Aside from this, is there anything else I can help you with today, Tyler? I will be glad to assist you further.

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 23:00:19 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    John is an excellent name btw

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 23:00:34 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    John the baptist and John the apostle are both personal Christian heroes of mine

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 02:00:33 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    That is great to know. Thank you, Tyler.

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 23:00:37 GMT-0700 (PST))>


    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 23:00:44 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    (might name my kid that via middle name)

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 23:00:56 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    John wrote book of Revelation too

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 23:00:58 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    which is amazing.

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 23:01:03 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    check it out some time if you haven’t

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 02:01:04 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    Wow. That is great. God bless you always, Tyler.

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 23:01:17 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    Nice! God bless you too my friend

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 02:01:17 GMT-0700 (PST))>


    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 02:01:30 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you today and bringing Comcast to your home! We appreciate your business and value you as a customer. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service. If you need further assistance, you can always reach us through chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at http://www.comcastsupport.com/chat . If you want to watch full TV shows and movies online, log on to http://www.fancast.com.

    In COMCAST, we value your business, but most importantly, we value you! This has been John, assisting you with pleasure.

    You take good care always and have a marvelous day, Tyler!

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 02:01:42 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    God bless always you and your family.

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 02:01:46 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    To formally end our chat, please click the ‘END SESSION’ button. Please take a moment to complete the 3 question survey after you click end session. Your feedback will help us in improving our services for our valued customers like you.

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 23:01:53 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    same to you my friend

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 23:02:19 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    Christ is LORD!

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 23:02:21 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    always remember

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 02:03:03 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    Yes, Tyler.

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 23:03:38 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    buncha cool Christians online if you ever wanna fellowship: GodsDjs.com or I’m on skype at fragnar0k username.

    Guest_(Tue Aug 10 2010 23:03:40 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    See ya!

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 02:04:00 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    See you too. Thank you, Tyler.

    John(Wed Aug 11 2010 02:04:41 GMT-0700 (PST))>

    Analyst has closed chat and left the room

    analyst John has left room

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