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    When i was a teenager i used to listen to a lot of trance and on occasion i experienced a sensation that i never thought much about until i was older and recently listened to some trance music. The sensation was this. When i was a teenager i would often feel like i wanted to be out in my car at sunrise to listen to a particular song as i was listening too. Recently i felt the same feeling except this time instead of thinking i wanted it to be sunrise i realised i actually felt like it was sunrise even though it was around 10 o’clock at night. I then asked my brother if he ever felt the same feeling he said yes and he also said he felt sometimes like he was on a boat moving across the water. This sparked a thought, that electronic music is an untapped resource. i thought what if you could make a song where you could emulate the crucifixion? that is to say make a song where people feel like they are watching the crucifixion as opposed to being in sunrise. I figure if EDM artist can make tracks that emulate a natural occurence like sunrise imagine what other experiences could be emulated and expressed in EDM? This is where i think EDM will be heading in the christian arena if people take up the challenge to seek God on how to make tracks that express certain biblical experiences such as the crucifixion or even salvation or a resurrection. I’m sure you could think of heaps of others too. This may sound like a far fetched idea but anyone who knows what i’m talking about feeling like its sunrise and other feelings while listening to a song should catch on to what i’m saying. The possibilities are almost endless and really if you want to see God move in powerful ways in the EDM scene i believe this is the future of EDM, its a tough challenge, but with God all things are possible. I myself dont know much about making tracks so unfortunately i wont be able to give you any practical tips on making the music i’m talking about. But i would love to hear of what people think on this. This is as much an encouragement as a challenge, because there is a whole field of worshipers waiting to be harvested within the EDM culture, and i believe this challenge if its brought to fruition will be a huge help in harvesting these souls for Jesus. So let me know what you think, maybe some of you already know stuff about this that I don’t, maybe you’ve thought of the idea yourself. I would love to hear feedback.



    hey man, first off…welcome to GodsDJs. second, are you aware of our download store http://www.christiandancemusic.net? we currently have about 425 Christian produced EDM worship tracks…you may want to check it out. and lastly, your idea about EDM putting a “picture” in your mind is not far fetched…actually its a common idea and thought process that goes into the production of many EDM tracks. as to the idea of the crucifixion, here is an awesome (main stream produced) track which i can’t say for sure but i’m pretty sure the artist is a Christian and i’m pretty sure the track is about the crucifixion / ressurection. The track is called Arisen by Arksun and it came out a few years back. listen to it and story board out in your mind the crucifixion / ressurection scenes.


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    I am really digging this idea. I am totally down! I listened to that song Dj Rodimus suggested, it was beautiful. That would be really neat if he created that song about the ressurection. Sometimes I wish we could have like 30 mins with artists just to ask them those kinda questions.

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