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    Mainstream Judaism has always accepted the authenticity of the Tenach (Old Testament ) until modern times.
    The New Covenant satisfies every criterion for evaluating the truth of the Old Testament.
    In order to fully understand why so many Jewish people did not regognize Yeshua(JESUS) as the Messiah, the context of the times must be seen. The Roman occupation of Israel was viewed by populace as an intrusion upon their right to govern themselfs.

    Let’s study the prophesy in some detail. “Know, therefore, and understand that from the going torth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem.” This command was given in 445 B.C , and King Artaxerxes carried it out in the twentieth year commandment to restore and rebuilt Jerusalem unto “the anointed Prince” was supposed to cover a particuar period of time.
    The word “anointed” means Messiah. From the handing down of this commandment, the time of the Messiah would mean seven weeks and three score and two weeks. It was given in 445 B.C. From then until the Messiah’s arrival would be seven weeks an three score and two weeks, or 69 weeks.
    The word “weeks” in the Scriptures means “seven” in Hebrew. It also could be translated to mean that each week covers a seven-year period. It says in Genesis that Jacob worked for his uncle, Laban, for one week to obtain his wife Rachel. The context, however, indicated the Hebrew word really refers to seven years, rather than seven days. What Daniel was saying was that from the time this commandment was given until the Messiah appeared in Israel would be 69 seven-year periods, or a total of 483 years. If you move forward in time, 483 years from the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Messiah’s is arrival, it brings us to 38 A.D. Taking the 483 years and subtracting the 445 from it to the year 1 B.C., leaves 38 years. There was no year zero, so by adding a year it was then 39 A.D.
    Daniel’s calendar was somewhat different from ours.
    He used the biblical calendar, wich is about five days a year less the biblical calendar, wich is about five days a year less than the modern calendar. When you take the five-day difference and multiply it for 483 years, it shows that Daniel had 6.6 fewer years than by todays’s reckoning.
    So when the date is adjustd it brings us to 32 A>D>, when, according to Daniel 9:25-26, the anointed Prince would be cut off. Ask yourself this question: Do I Know of anyone who died for the sins of the world about 32 A.D.?


    how jews knew this profesy and missed?

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    the problem is hte leaders of the Jews Religion , they don’t accept the Yeshua(Jesus) in theyr religion .
    simple like that all about religion…

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