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    I thought that this was provoking.

    -Micheal Boldea Jr.

    I will say the following plainly, because I could think of no other
    way of saying it. At the risk of bringing the readership of this blog
    to zero, at the risk of having to wade through dozens of less than
    friendly e-mails, the following must be stated, and clearly so.

    If the gospel messages you’ve been hearing lo’ these many years
    have never once made you feel uncomfortable then you’ve never
    really heard the true gospel message. If the gospel messages
    you’ve been hearing lo’ these many years have never once
    challenged you then you’ve never really heard the true gospel
    message. If the gospel messages you’ve been hearing lo’ these
    many years haven’t accentuated Christ and the cross in perpetuity
    then you’ve never really heard the true gospel message. If the
    gospel messages you’ve been hearing lo’ these many years have
    never once stirred you to repentance, prompted inward introspection,
    humbled you, caused you to weep and truly see the enormity of
    your sin, then you’ve never really heard the true gospel message,
    but a neutered version wherein God is always smiling, the sun is
    always shining, the birds are always chirping and no matter what
    you do, God’s holding onto you so tight that you’ll never be able
    to get away.

    In this brave new world of ours, pastors have redefined their roles
    and become life coaches, no longer preaching a crucified Christ,
    but rather playing the part of guidance counselor to scores of
    individuals that can be likened to overactive, petulant, and overgrown
    children who will not accept being accountable to anyone, be they
    God or man.

    Preachers too have redefined their roles and rather than be
    concerned about the spiritual wellbeing of those to whom they
    are ministering they play the therapist, speaking soothing words,
    in a soothing tone, ensuring anyone within earshot that everything’s
    going to be alright, that God has mellowed over the centuries, and
    as long as they ‘bring the tithe into the storehouse’ God will
    overlook everything else.

    It is an understatement when I say that there is enough blame to
    go around for the farce of a faith many are presenting, living and
    promulgating today, and the sheep are just as much to blame as
    the shepherds. In the end these so called shepherds are just
    giving the people what they wanted aren’t they?

    If you preach the truth, if you preach the unadulterated Word of
    God, wherever you happen to be, you are bound to hear those
    famous words that seem to be on everyone’s lips nowadays:
    ‘That’s not the god I serve!’

    I’ve heard it more times than I would like to recall, and no matter
    how often I hear it, it’s still shocking.

    ‘I don’t like your god, your god is mean, that’s not the god I serve.’

    ‘But all I did was read from His book’, I would retort, ‘all I did was
    read from the Bible!’

    If you hear the truth being preached, if someone is reading out of
    the Bible and in your heart you say ‘that’s not the god I serve’, then
    may I humbly submit to you that you are not serving the true God,
    but a god of your own making and imagining. A god that you have
    fashioned in your heart who requires no submission, who requires
    no obedience, who requires no sacrifice on your part, but is more
    than happy to let you win the lotto time and again.

    It is because we have refashioned and remade God in our own
    image that the neutered gospel is so widely accepted and received.
    It is because we didn’t like what God had to say that we chose
    rebellion rather than submission, and with hammer and chisel in
    hand we began to sculpt our new and improved deity.

    Like the prophets of Baal however, we will know the true impotence
    of the gods we’ve fashioned when we need them most. When we
    see the gods of our own making for what they truly are, nothing
    more than mists and vanities, it will be too late, and though we
    might cut ourselves and bleed, though we might cry out to the
    heavens for a sign, these deities we so revel in today, these gods
    we so honor and worship will remain silent as the empty tomb
    from which the Christ, the Son of the one true God walked out of
    two millennia ago.


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    Good post. So true. Earlier this week, I listened to sermon by Joshua Harris at Covenant Life Church. He was preaching on Psalm 90 (which I didn’t realize was written about Moses). He was saying the same sort of thing. If we really got the awesome of God and understood the full extent of His wrath at our sin, we’d live our lives much differently.

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