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    Hey guys,

    I was just wondering I am doing some research and need to know what new technologies we should be looking at regarding video? Does anybody know anything about that? Anybody a video technician or anything like that?

    From Matt



    i happen to be the audio visual programmer for a really big company so i work with video quite a bit. i would say next is OLED & LASER tvs…after that they’ll have to start working on 3d projections and holographic video… id say…15 years until thats mainstream… 2 years OLED and LASER tvs will be mainstream… you can already buy them but they are like 7 grand

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    yeah, but it will be awhile for those. heck, less than half are switched to HD Video.


    Thanks for the post….

    Okay those things are cool…..but in my work specialty that would fall more under a display function and I am more of a video function. I am talking more like video cameras, video over IP, or stuff like that. I mean I don’t know really what the next big thing for video is but I am supposed to be the expert on it in my field. Go figure.



    well, im currently responsible for about 4 million bucks worth of Polycom video conferencing hardware that is setup at all of our locations accross the country so i deal with video over ip quite a bit. i just head a meeting with our vendor yesterday and he was telling me that the next thing they are getting is FULL 1080p HD video conferencing. that will be sick and it only requires 2mb bandwidth…. I think I will have one installed in our auditorium and on in our midwest headquarters… i have no idea what they cost though… :o im guessing upwards of $30,000 for each unit :shock:


    Cool I will look into that:

    Anybody know any good website tutorials for like a video 101 class? I need to do a presentation for work on the basics of video. Just wondering if anybody knew of a good website for video.

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    If you are looking for basic video editing stuff for adobe, http://www.adobe.com/designcenter/video_workshop/
    that has all the product tutorials

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