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    By Chuck Pierce
    Apr 2, 2009

    On the Border!

    At the beginning of the year, I knew I would take a team to pray along the border between the USA and Mexico. The Lord spoke to us very clearly about “Border Wars” at our conference “Starting the Year Off Right.” Then Cindy Jacobs prophesied to me about going to San Diego. Therefore, when I was contacted a month ago about going to Mexico, I knew that the Lord had made this a priority. Thank you for your prayers and support. Your prayers are more valuable on trips like this than you could ever imagine.

    After landing in San Diego, we met Hal and Cheryl Sacks, Guy and Terry Chadwick, Pastor Fernando Pina and his assistant, George (both from Tijuana), and Thomas Bush. We drove to a high point in San Diego from where we could also view Mexico. We began by decreeing that: the forming structure attempting to produce wrong communication to create a misstep in the alignment of the nations of USA and Mexico would be uncovered and overthrown. We asked the Lord to send a wind that would be adverse to His adversary that was attempting to corrupt and lead His Kingdom and the next generation astray.

    We then crossed the Mexican border for our Sunday night meeting in Tijuana. The meeting had around 500 leaders and intercessors, and we worshipped for over an hour. The Spirit of God began to speak during the worship:

    “This is the beginning of a movement. Heaven’s wind is beginning to blow and the trees are starting to wave and clap to My sound from Heaven. I will begin a march of liberation. My Spirit will move from Tijuana all the way to Brownsville, Texas. Because of this gathering, the angelic host will begin to guard and set a move of glory between the United States and Mexico. The move of My Spirit will flow all across these lands. My word that has been dammed and blocked will now begin to flow and will no longer be bound at this border.

    “Shout victory! Shout victory! Seven centers of worship will now be established along the border. There will be 70 worship meetings that begin to occur across and along this border. The prince that has ruled the atmosphere along the border between the US and Mexico will be dethroned because of the uniting of the hosts of Heaven and the armies of the earth! Because of what is beginning today, and what will be occurring in the next 24 months, satan’s rule on this border will now be addressed, begin to shake and eventually fall!”

    The New Move Begins at the Border Monument!

    The next morning we met key leaders from Tijuana and Mexicali at the monument that signifies the beginning of the BORDER! We declared that this was the beginning of the apostolic and prophetic movement along the border. Where a pastoral movement with Christians uniting has occurred in the past, now an apostolic and prophetic movement has begun that will break the power of the enemy.

    The first thing we did was set a blood barrier between the demonic hosts and God’s people moving ahead from this day forward. We declared that the demonic hosts that have been penetrating and controlling the earth realm would be stopped in their operation. We addressed an occult structure that had been set in place by the enemy to keep the drug wars and their leaders hidden. Then we saw the following headline from USA Today: Mexico captures 1 of 37 ‘most-wanted’ traffickers

    We also declared that the Houses of Prayer all along this border would be filled with glory. We called this point at the border our glory point! We invited the Lord to come and establish His glory at that point and move all along the border. We took the “Guadalupe Treaty” and prayed through it. We declared that scope of this treaty would now experience a move of the glory and declared the righteous goals for this treaty would now come forward.

    In this photo we are praying with local pastors at the official marker recognizing the border between the United States and Mexico. The document is a copy of the Guadalupe Treaty.

    We declared that the River of God would rise in Tijuana. The previous night I saw that as the River of God rises along the border, the illegal tunnels under the border would be filled with water. We declared that will not just be a spiritual flooding but also a physical flooding. What man has tried to accomplish, we asked for God to accomplish. We asked for the Spirit of God to come in a whole new way and lead us forth. We decreed that “now” is the beginning of an angelic host assisting God’s people as we move from this point.

    While there, we realized that the power of freemasonry and the occult power that reigns from that obelisk structure gets stronger and stronger eastward along the border to the coast of Texas. We decreed that spiritual force was neutralized in Jesus’ name and by His Blood. What is creating the violence along the border is a covenant war; the covenant of God is being warred against by man’s covenant all along the border. We put the spirit of violence on notice and said it would not be able to control this move of God.

    The day after our return (March 25) the following article came out. In “Next Foreign Crisis Could Be Next Door” by Marc Lacey and Ginger Thompson, they write the following:

    “The bloody drug war, which has caused 7,000 deaths in 16 months, has become the principal sore point between the countries. Although addiction rates among Mexicans are on the rise, the vast majority of the drugs flowing through Mexico will be sniffed, smoked or injected by Americans. On top of that, 90 percent of the guns used by Mexican drug cartels originated in the United States, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

    “President Felipe Calderón resolves to fight the drug trade. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. urged and then backed away from reinstituting a ban on sales of assault rifles, which are fueling the drug violence. Mr. Obama acknowledged contingency plans to deploy troops to the border if too much of the violence spilled over into the United States, but he said almost in the same breath that no such deployment was imminent. Mexico’s economy is being dragged down by the recession to the north. American addicts have turned Mexico into a drug superhighway, and its police and soldiers are under assault from American guns.

    “Nafta promised 15 years ago that Mexican trucks would be allowed on American roads, but Congress said they were unsafe. United States-Mexican relations are in the midst of what can be described as a neighborly feud, one that stretches along a lengthy shared fence. That border fence, which has become a wall in some places, is another irritant. The suggestion by Mr. Obama that American troops might be moved toward the border to combat drug cartels prompted Gen. Guillermo Galván, Mexico’s defense secretary, to assert that no deployment of foreign soldiers would be allowed on Mexican soil. History was at the root of the concern here, as even Mexican schoolchildren know of the war a century and a half ago in which the United States seized half of Mexico’s territory.

    “Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived in Mexico on Wednesday. Mexico is a country mired in a deepening slump, miffed by signs of protectionism in its largest trading partner, and torn apart by a drug war for which many in Mexico blame customers in the United States….Many American communities are worried about drug violence spilling over the border, and about Mexican immigrants taking scarce jobs. That is forcing the Obama administration, already managing two wars and a deep recession, to fashion a new Mexico policy earlier than it might have wished.

    “Immigration, free trade and gun control are the key issues. The Bush administration disturbed relations by failing to deliver on its promise of immigration reform. And the Obama administration, in its first weeks in office, has set off new tensions with a series of conflicting signals and false starts. ‘I think it’s unacceptable if you’ve got drug gangs crossing our borders and killing U.S. citizens,’ Mr. Obama told reporters when asked if he might deploy troops. ‘I think if one U.S. citizen is killed because of foreign nationals who are engaging in violent crime, that’s enough of a concern to do something about it.’

    “After the United States shut the border to Mexican trucks, in violation of a promise it made under the North American Free Trade Agreement, Mexico placed tariffs on 89 American products, from grapes to dishwashers, in some cases appearing to select items from the districts of well-connected members of Congress to increase the action’s impact. Mexico is reeling from the recession in the United States. Although Mr. Calderón speaks often of how well prepared his country is for the global downturn, Mexico’s export factories have lost some 65,000 jobs since October, one of many tangible effects. Exports fell 32 percent in January, and automobile exports fell 50 percent in the first two months of 2009. Mexico’s central bank expects the economy to contract no more than 1.8 percent this year, but some investment banks forecast shrinkage of as much as 5 percent.

    “‘I don’t think we can do this piecemeal,’ Mr. Obama said during a town hall meeting in California. ‘I’m going to be working with President Calderón in Mexico to figure out how we get control over the border that’s become more violent because of the drug trade. We have to combine that with cracking down on employers who are exploiting undocumented workers.’”

    A Government is needed to overthrow a government. Until the Government of God increases along the border, the government of evil that is ruling the next generation cannot be overthrown. Now, the Government of God is forming and the evil structure is beginning to tumble! We decreed that the Lord’s government will increase, and from that point along the border the government of God will increase all along the border. We bound the spirit along the border that beheads, and declare that the Lord’s Headship will reign!

    At the Leader’s Gathering in Tijuana

    Following our time at the border monument, we met with apostles and pastors from Tijuana and Mexicali. I shared that I believe next year we must have a similar, corporate gathering, and that every time we have a gathering we will move forward until the whole California border is secured. Then we can move from there to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas before working back to California. Before we know it, we will have secured the border for three generations. I believe we are going to have to work eastward and then westward until we have breakthrough in Juarez. We want to always keep sight of the cultures that are around us and we know the real war is with Mammon. God is giving us a strategy greater than that controlling force.

    When I was walking across the parking lot at Glory of Zion to lead prayer on Sunday morning, Tom Costin met me and decreed that: it was time to change the way finances are being released for God’s people in Mexico. He told me that when I got there that I was to decree the old is ending and the new is beginning. Cindy Jacobs had said in January that when I went to Mexico I was “to draw a line and declare that violence would shift!” Tom gave me many old Mexican coins. He then gave me 10 NEW BILLS!

    In Tijuana we decreed that old structures set against God’s people would fall. We then declared that increase would come forth ten-fold, thirty-fold, sixty-fold and one hundred-fold. I gave these gifts to the President of the Tijuana Ministerial Alliance. We left the gift there as a reminder that the move of God is beginning in Mexico now. We say it is beginning now in Tijuana, and increase will be coming forth now. We also decreed increase in both the government of God and in supply lines. Then Guy Chadwick shared the third area that we wanted to see increase. He read from Ephesians 3:10 and Nehemiah 8:10, and we declared a new joy would also arise!

    In Nehemiah 8, the people were weeping over past mistakes. I exhorted the leaders by encouraging them to rejoice for seven straight days. This will be a real strategy for the border areas in October with seven key worship and praise gatherings all over the city. I encouraged the leaders to call the Body of Christ to participate in at least one of those gatherings so that next year they would begin the new year with a new strength and a new release of energy. This will cause us to begin to see the grieving, ruling force across this border to begin to break. The people should also pray for the sick in those gatherings because much sickness is a result of hidden grief.

    Declaration by Fernando Pina for the Apostolic Leadership of Tijuana

    Our host in Tijuana then asked to read the following declaration:

    “We, the people of God in Tijuana, stand together this day to enthrone Jesus Christ as the Lion of Judah, the Sovereign Lord over our city and nation. We open wide the gates of our city to God, welcoming Him to come watch over us and to build and enlarge His Kingdom in our midst to transform us into His city of destiny, a gateway city for North America. We are willing and ready to accept our responsibilities to pray with faith and to proclaim with boldness until Tijuana turns to God in our generation, and until we, His Church, become His fruitful vine whose branches extend beyond the borders of her land to the blessing of all nations.

    “Today as we unite in prayer for this gateway city, we affirm that we are a threshing instrument in the Lord’s hand, new and sharp because we are in a new day, and with many teeth. Today we proclaim we will break every mountain of resistance so that all mankind in Tijuana and the nation may see His glory. Today we arise to bless the river rising in a fresh anointing, to pastor the gates, to prepare the way of the people of the border land, to build up the highway of the Lord, and to remove the stones.

    “We declare that all the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord and all the families of the nations will bless you. For dominion belongs to the Lord, and He rules over our border lands and over the nations.”

    After this leadership gathering we traveled two hours by car to Mexicali. In the leaders’ gathering in Mexicali, the Lord began to speak:

    “I am setting an order for My glory to travel along the border. I am preparing a highway. Many times My people have felt ‘down under’ in this region. I am raising up a new road for you to travel on. It will be known that the order of My glory and the trail of My ark has now begun in Mexico.

    “The church in Mexicali will be known as a ‘Glory Storehouse.’ Along this journey I will establish places as glory storehouses. I will raise up a caravan and they will travel from Tijuana all along the border into South Texas. There will be 12 glory storehouses that I establish along this journey. These storehouses will be filled with healing, with strategy, and with timing.

    “There will be times when My people must stop and wait upon Me. There will be waiting meetings in these glory storehouses. You will wait and worship, and My presence will go before you. I will guard your way behind you. Throughout North America it will be known that there is a glory road of freedom along the border of Mexico and the United States. I have been preparing, but now I will accelerate My preparation. I will continue to prepare the next two years, but in the third year there will be a glory outbreak.

    “There will be much confusion that comes to a head along the border. This will cause many to run to the glory storehouses. Though the enemy would love to capture these storehouses, beginning now, My hand of protection is resting on them. This house here that you are standing in will be a national house of gathering. People will come from the east, from the south, and from the west. There will be a gathering of strategy meetings that will set the course of how I will move in this nation. So note today—the highway has begun. Many will be traveling along this road, and know where I have planted those storehouses. These next two years, see that they are established!”

    Covenant Boundaries

    At this meeting I taught on Covenant Boundaries! We must each war for our inheritance now! To inherit means the Lord has a portion for each of us, and that portion is ours. We have a portion, individually. We have a portion, corporately. Until we will work together corporately we will not gain the greater portion. It is the same principle in the Body of Christ. We must link with the other members of the Body of Christ since there are certain portions we can’t get unless we work together. The third portion is a territorial portion. The Lord wants to release His glory on the land.

    The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. We need to remain filled with the glory of God so every place we walk, the glory of God is released into the land and satan’s headship in the land is broken. The Lord gave us the authority to rule in His place. We must keep the enemy’s headship broken. The only way we can exercise that authority is to work together. Therefore, territory becomes very important. The fourth level of portion is generational.

    When God is ready to deal with borders, He reminds us of all the enemies in those borders. He is turning all the enemies over to His people. Yes, the enemies are part of your reward! As He told Abraham, everything the enemy would rule over the next 400 years would be turned over to Abraham’s descendants to rule. That is why we assembled in Mexicali. God is redefining the border. God is saying this year to focus on the US/Mexico border.

    He said, “I have a people I am raising up to rule this border. For every ‘ite’ that is within your border, I am going to transfer them, one by one by one, under your authority. They will begin to be transferred into my plan!”

    It is now time and God is raising up a people. One by one, little by little, He will take the cities that are within this border and He will transfer all those that are his enemies under our rule. I exhorted the leadership, “If you won’t back up now, I will save your children and your children’s children, and you will rule this land instead of your enemies ruling this land!”

    Following the leadership gathering, there was a large, corporate gathering. We were hosted by Sergio and Rosalva Resendiz. I shared that there is a tearing down of an old border and old wall because America is now in need of the presence of God carried by the people of Mexicali (and Mexico). They now need to cross the border and influence us in America. In other words, America is no longer trying to come to the need of its sister, Mexico. Additionally, we recognize that the presence of God that is forming there must cross the border and break the structure of the enemy that is controlling us in America.

    We thanked the Lord for His glory that is dwelling in Mexicali and is moving on that people. We honored the move of the Spirit that is rising up in Mexico. We are grateful that the Spirit of the Lord knows no boundaries and no borders. The Lord is causing a Kingdom people to rise up that will take a stand in a new way along this border. This is a “now time” for Mexico.

    The Spirit of God was so heavy and I prophesied, “Though the enemy will resist this move, in the next two years you will rally the army across this border. This will be My army! There will come a time from the tip of Texas to the tip of Baja that My people will gather in one place and acknowledge My power before Me.”

    There is now a new identity on the border of Mexico. Beginning that night, we decreed that a glory mantle will go all the way from Tijuana to Brownsville, Texas. I continued to prophesy:

    “There will come a time when you will have 12 meetings along this border—one meeting per month, and My glory will be secured along this border. I am extending your ability to secure My glory in this region. A new mantle has come for the border and now this mantle will move from one end to the other and the enemy will not be able to stop My purpose. Just as the enemy could not stop Joseph, the move of God on this border will not be stopped!”

    I then placed a “Joseph mantle” on the leaders, and declared that the storehouses would begin.

    If you have not read God’s Unfolding Battle Plan, there is a great section on the border wars in the chapter on “The War of the Nations.” Thank you again for standing with us. We are already seeing results.


    Chuck D. Pierce
    Glory of Zion Ministries

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