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    “The Reality of A Lonely Heart”
    I think to myself what purpose am I Living For,
    Why Do I sulk with my lonely Heart,
    Is there something I’m missing,
    Have I lost sight of my life to the point I am lost never to be found,
    Then I find myself crying over spilled milk,
    I wander dose anyone really love me other than my mom,
    A tear falls,
    it freezes,
    My heart sinks deeper into loneliness,
    Am I freezing for lack of love,
    Or have I just been thinking too much with my head,
    I take a breath,
    breath in breath out,
    Another tear falls,
    it freezes,
    It’s true,
    I’m cold and lonely,
    Is this how I’m going to die??,
    On the street without any real friends,
    I’ve never known true love cept what I imagined it to be,
    Surely Jesus Must Love Me,
    After All he died on the cross to forgive me of my sins didn’t he,
    This world it just tears love apart,
    OF coarse the world doesn’t care,
    Of coarse the world is cold and unforgiving,
    Tell me something I don’t know,
    But dose this snow running through my veins have a different meaning,
    other than a cold winters night,
    Perhaps the cold has come with healing powers,
    It’s good to cry,
    it’s good to feel lonely now and then,
    Because you realize hey there’s got to be more than just a bunch of cold hear ted little brats
    in this world,
    There’s got to be someone out there who God has planed me to meet,
    someone who cares,
    Someone who will love me as much as I love them,
    So I’m lonely now but I don’t expect to be for the rest of my life.

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