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    You know one of the most exciting factors of Christianity is the Royalty of Jesus. He IS the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I don’t know if anyone connects to God that way but I do. Jesus, through all of history has maintained the linieage of royalty and his holyness should be revered as surpreme. There are princes’s, princess’s, kings and queeens all around the world who have kingdoms that many would call powerfull but none can top the Holy Trinity.

    The question is, Where is He now? I think that if man could see into the spiritual realam like a mirror reflection then this question could be answered more accurately. I beleive, Jesus, and his kingdom are in fact “living” in the hearts of beleivers every where. Noone can see the Kingdom of God unless they are “Born Again”. The simple truth is that Jesus is in Heaven preparing a better place for us, and some who are standing here today will not die untill they see Jesus return with power.

    AS in the case of any royal family there is a certain amount of authority that the KING holds over his people. AS for the Christain family that authority is set in place by preist, pastors, preachers, and Jesus himslef. So the question I raise at this point is this…

    In the absence of a physical person, such as Jesus, who is the supreme authority. Who determines wether or not a person has any right to call himself a “profit” or claim any right to that royal lineage.
    Yes we have the Bible, and it is very smple that if you beleive in Christ and turn from evil and do good, you are a Son of God. Who is to say that false profits and false leaders will not arise. How do I know for fact, what Jesus wants me to do with my life. And how do I know that I am not going in the wrong direction. The only real evidence I have that I am doing what God wants me to do is through dreams, careful bible study, and prayer. I suppose that If I go to a preacher and work with him that Jesus will begin to manifest and I will know that when I am doing the right thing because it will suceed. However there are alot of very deceptive spirits out there and it is very easy to get in a situation where I “think” I’m doing Good when infact I am being or leading people astray. So now then At one point the Blood of Jesus must take control. And to the blood of Jesus I stay surendered.

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