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    ‘The Time Has Come’

    It’s the dawn of a new day,
    And all I can say,
    Is that when I play,
    Everyone benefits,
    Maybe I’m a misfit,
    Maybe I’m a clown,
    But I want to push you up,
    Not pull you down,
    I’ve found that words can kill,
    And a button on your finger tips,
    Is like an eclipse,
    The sun and the moon,
    Come out at the same time,
    And just when you,
    Think everything is fine,
    You hear that dime drop,
    ANd it’s just like lights,
    Flashing right behind you,
    Like a renegade cop,
    Will the madness stop,
    More than likely no,
    Everyone’s just going,
    In one direction,
    And there all headed to hell,
    Break the spell by,
    Breaking the mold,
    You don’t always have,
    To do what your told,
    I really hope I’m wrong,
    And when I’m gone,
    You’ll never realize how long,
    This song has lasted,
    I wander if any of you,
    Ever even fasted or prayed,
    Who were you praying to,
    God or the Angel,
    It was supposed to be,
    One Song One Summer,
    Didn’t work out what a bummer.

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