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    Peace and blessings,

    It was on my heart to post this subject as the urgency of the matter is crucial. The subject is regarding a christian rapper who goes by the name of Bizzle (Lavyss). This is the rapper who made a diss song to Jay Z in regards to his On To The Next One song in which he attacks Jay Z for the promotion of demonic symbolisms in the video as well as being a Free Mason saying disrespectful references to Jesu Christ. The Christian Rappers song is a mixtape song over Emimen and Jay Z beat Renegade.

    Listen carefully to the approach that this christian rapper has towards Jay Z and also listen to his song in full to see the disturbing manner in which he delivers his message.

    This is You Tube Clip of the song and My Reply to the song which is entitled
    What WOuld Jesus Do is in response to this christian rapper who has clearly mis represented the christian hip hop community with this song. So I took it upon myself to make a reply to the song to preserve the good integrity that we as christians are called to have and maintain in the ongoing battle with the sin of this world. Remember, please leave your comments on this and spread this everywhere because the world needs to know the difference between a christian rapper who has taken it upon himself to defend Jesus Christ in his own method versus a christian hip hop artist who is led by the Holy Spirit to take a righteous stand in the name of Jesus Christ with the same integrity that Jesus Christ Himself stood with.

    Again here is the You Tube Song from the rapper and below it is my reply song. I hope you all are blessed by my christian response of reproof and correction of this brother


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