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    Hi all -

    So I just wanted to start off giving a little background about this situation. I grew up in Michigan my entire life, transferred for a while into my university’s south florida campus (where I met Garrett, my amazing boyfriend aka. dancebreaker1 on here). After college, I moved to New York City to pursue my advertising career as Garrett pursued Sales. (I did move home for 2 months from New York then back because I couldn’t afford to keep looking for a job, just after a several month unpaid internship). So now, I’ve been in the most amazing job of my life for the last half of a year. I’m incredibly blessed.

    However… I must say this. New York City, is the WORST city to live in. I could honestly go on for an hour about how you have to hold your breath everywhere you go because it smells bad, or that the cost of living is 69% higher then the national average, or that I’m paying double what I paid for a 1 bedroom apartment in Michigan, for living with 3-4 roommates with no dishwasher, blocks to laundry etc. But…. I’ll stop there. The most important for me, is because recently I was diagnosed with PTSD. Yeah, it’s pretty intense. So intense, it effects my every day living, and of course my spirit, big time. Aside from the “normal” hard to handle stuff in the city, my PTSD is greatly effected by it, to the point months ago I was convinced the Lord brought me out here to suffer. I know this sounds dramatic, but experiencing the things I was experiencing was completely unreal. NYC has many of my “triggers” – something that instantly brings on intense rage, panic, fear and sends me into flashbacks, or dissociation – which is zoning out for an odd amount of time.

    Lately, and I don’t know how or why, Garrett and I have been experiencing all kinds of signs and signals to get out of NYC. We’ve been fasting (and God has been slamming doors shut left and right, in a good way!) We both have some opportunities in South Florida, where we eventually saw our life after marrying in a year or so. Maybe God is moving up our timetable? In terms of GodsDJs and ministry this is AMAZING. We would both be within 30-40 min to Miami (pre-Ultra FSOW anyone??) and so many more exciting things. Garrett’s amazing Christian friend is allowing him to come stay with him in Florida while Garrett transfer’s back into his old AMAZING job (on the ocean, I might add). This would be within a week or so after FSOW, VERY FAST! I’m so incredibly happy for him. The Lord is opening up doors left and right down there. For me, I found not only 1 but 2 companies I would LOVE to work at, I’m nervous to apply after going through months of not finding a job. Basically my problem is right now, is I need to know that I’m not defying God’s blessings here in New York. Oddly, when I got this job, and this apartment it was SHEER God! God’s name was written all over this. However, realistically when I do the budget, EVERY single time, I don’t make enough to live, and my apartment has become rather… illegal? (The landlord at my place, does stuff that would be un-imaginable and illegal). How in so few months has God’s blessings shriveled up? I just wonder why the Lord would bring me out here just for a few months, just to move again?

    I just needed to ramble. None of my friends back home or anywhere no what’s really going on here. Feel free to leave encouraging thoughts, if this goes through, I would hope to move down, by July 1st… and find a car, an apartment, a job, and a new life.

    Thanks :)



    Praying for you Julie .. for the both of you .. my gut tells me Gods got this ;)

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    @digitalprayers wrote:

    Praying for you Julie .. for the both of you .. my gut tells me Gods got this ;)


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    Julie I am praying for you. I personally think it would be a good thing to get out of New York but I will pray for God’s clear direction.


    Sometimes the mind can say one thing and the heart another thing. Then know that if you follow your mind you can go wrong, but if you follow your heart you can’t go wrong – For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons (and daughters) of God (Rom 8:14).

    Praying 4 u


    From reading this, it sounds like you already know what to do, JAR. For me personally, when G-d shuts doors left and right in good ways, and I see it happening… I act.
    Here’s what you should ask yourself. Do you feel like you would be going against G-d’s will if you moved to Florida? Have you talked to the leadership in your life about the situation? What have they said? Are they against it? If not, I would do it sooner than later, but that’s just me.
    The only questionable thing is your job situation, but if you see G-d opening/shutting doors and it seems obvious, you KNOW our HUMONGOUS G-d will provide. He just will.

    Also, if you and Garret ever want to talk or pray with someone, I am here for you guys. Seriously.


    Can I just highjack this thread for a second to say how awesome all of you people are .. this is how the body of Christ was meant to be .. looking after each other and building each other up!

    You guys rock! now back to your regularly scheduled thread.



    If I could “like” posts on here, I’d like that one :)

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