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    Hey guys, so over the last couple week I got inspired to pick up a new hobby (as if I wasn’t busy enough) and that is silk screening. I now have a small professional thsirt silk screening setup where I can take any image (vector art) and screen it onto a tshirt that is good for up to 200 washings. I have about 12 different ink colors and I can screen an image 10×14. I’ve just finished a couple of shirts for my unoobtube website and my next project is going to be a 3 color Godsdjs shirt with that turntable guy I posted earlier. I will post pics of the shirts I’ve done so you can check them out.

    The good thing is I’m setup to do small custom orders. I don’t think I’d want to do an order bigger then 10 or 20 shirts… normally if you want to have something screened on a shirt you’re going to have to do a 2 dozen min order and you’ll usually pay about $3.50 a shirt plus the cost of the shirts (usually about $2-4) and then a one time screen charge ranging from $20-35. The issue for most people is you’ll have to spend a couple hundred bucks and front the money for 24 shirts even if you only want a couple.

    I can help because I can make custom shirts for much less since I’m using my own gear… heres my price range if you want a customer logo or graphic screened onto a shirt.

    1 – Color Shirts
    Quanity 5 or Less

    $10.00 ea (price includes the shirts) – No extra screen charge.

    2 – Color Shirts
    Quanity 5 or Less
    $15.00 ea (price includes the shirts) – No extra screen charge.

    3 – Color Shirts
    Quanity 5 or Less
    $18.00 ea (price includes the shirts) – No extra screen charge.

    So I understand my price is higher per shirt but the key thing is you don’t have to shell out 200 bucks if you just want a couple of shirts for yourself to wear around to promot your website or whatever…most places won’t even take your order unless you are gonna do bulk and that sucks if you dont have a lot of cash to spend on shirts…

    Also, for orders more then 3 colors you’ll have to talk to me about, plus if you want more then 5 quanity the prices do come down a bit but I’m not trying to do big orders so these are the ideals quanities. Oh and if you’re not in driving distance from me you gotta pay for shipping but if I send it US mail that shouldnt be more then a couple of bucks at most for the entire order.

    Ok gang let me know!

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    We may be interested in this once we find out what the verdict is on my brain situation. We aren’t doing much until then. :(

    But I will let you know as soon as I know!


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    Hi, I am a London nightclub photographer and want to put my picture taken in the clubs on tshirts if you want to use my pictures we can split the profits 50 50 my website is http://www.alexanderbushnell.com

    I have been doing it since 2000

    email if interested. I am a born again christian



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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