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    Can’t go wrong with M-Audio, Native Instruments, Digidesign and since you got Numark, they have an RCA interface as well. Some other good ones would be Apogee and Lexicon.

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    I don’t know much about Emu’s audio interfaces, just know they make some cool keyboard sound modules back in the day.

    I’ve had or used these two interfaces



    then of course I have the 8 channel version of this:


    The M-Audio Mobile Pre was my first interface and did well. The firewire one we got for church to use and did well.

    The Native Instrument one sounds great, fact I use it to record my mixes and did a sound job this past week.

    Also, since you’re considering to learn Pro Tools, you could pick up one of the small MBox interfaces as well.

    Any of these choices are fine for just recording a stereo track.

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    I have this:

    I really like it. Its cool having a couple of programable controller buttons on the interface just to make it easy to use when recordinglive audio. Transport controls, etc.

    Sound is great. Oh yah and it looks cool…

    Also it comes with a bunch of LE software, but more importantly it comes with one free FULL VERSION of a NI instrument. (Massive, Absynth, FM-8, etc.) Pretty sweet since these are normally like $200.

    But if you want Pro-Tools then obviously go M-Audio.

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    @ecliptik wrote:

    so the audio4dj, i see it has 2 in 2 out and usb on the back… so will it be able to let me use it for other daw’s like FL/Reason? it has out’s so this will work for a good monitoring system.


    you can record on the inputs, you can monitor with the outs, you can use it to output a DJ program or even decide to go DVS again and use it with turntables.

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