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    well since my latest mix was well received, here are some more of that style drum & bass mixes. I was hesitant on putting my darker ones on here at the first when this site launched, sorry.

    Here’s the first two volumes, i’m gonna redo 3 & 4.

    DOWNLOAD: http://djdunamis.com/mixes/warzones_vol_i.mp3

    Warzones Vol. I
    Ignition – Spor
    Wargames – D-Region
    Hunter – TeeBee
    2 Edged Sword – FM
    Juno – Sub Focus
    Breach – Black Sun Empire
    Sacrifice – Noisia & The Upbeats
    Through The Loop – Pendulum
    Shady – Stakka & Nubalance

    DOWNLOAD: http://djdunamis.com/mixes/warzones_vol_ii.mp3

    (Ecliptik still says that this was my best mix ever. Next to it was the GodsDjs one I just did.)

    Warzones Vol. II
    Shadows (Unicron Remix) – Unknown Error
    Exit – Unknown Error
    Dante’s Inferno – Spor
    Celestial – Konflict
    Edge of the Earth – Evol Intent
    The Rapture feat. Ewun – Evol Intent
    Exile – Chayal Voded
    7 Angels with 7 Plagues – Evol Intent
    Messiah (Spor Remix) – Konflict
    Armageddon – Dunamis
    Alpha & Omega – Dunamis
    Leaving Planet Earth – Talisman and Hudson




    YUM! I cant not move when DNB is playing…I like Darker sounding stuff, good call on naming them warzone! thats exactly what I picture in my head with DNB. crazy Angels vs. Demons stuff. although sometimes its hard to tell the angels from the demons they all look so weird and alien in my head.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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