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    I know you have a life and you’re probably busy, but I just would like a ballpark range of dates that this site will be updated on because I heard you got a plethora of music to put on there :D



    your song is listed now. sorry for the wait…


    No problem at all my friend.
    However you spelled my name Bently…
    Sorry to be so picky lol



    fixed :D

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    Does Rod have a problem with spelling on the web store?

    he did the same to me lol, but he fixed it. IT SEEMS LIKE AN EPIDEMIC!!!!


    Hahaha I love it lol.


    So can I just send a song to Science Drop anytime to go on the site? I got a hardcore single I want to put on there so I can be the first hardcore artist…



    sure you can send it to him or me…doesnt matter. although if you send it to him im sure he’ll put it onto the radio station server to…

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    science drop

    Honestly, I would just turn around and send it to Dj Rodimus so you might as well take out the middle man. :)

    But yes you can send me stuff if you want air play.


    All right Science Drop, I’m gonna send you all my originals in a zip file through sendspace because I do want airtime :)


    All right I sent it to you SD… Hey Rod… what’s your email so I can send you the tracks to be put on the store?


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    science drop

    Matthew, never got anything from ya bro. :(


    All righty I sent it to you again.
    The only reason I’m delaying sending it to you, Rod is because of the Album Art thing… I should be sending it today…

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    I hope sales are going well with the site Nate.

    Don’t mind me asking about my other releases…hehe, I know you’re busy. It’s just been a few weeks I think…and I still see only the two releases,…and no free tracks. I can’t blame you for not wanting to use the back end of the site though.

    Oh..and I see my track on the front page under 7 most popular tracks. Is it doing pretty good? Hopefully it’s not just there due to a reason like the site not selling tracks huh..


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)

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