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    Hey Gods Djs Just a little update from your bro diepsloot
    for those of you who dont know or remember, im part of a crew called HeatWorshipHouse.com
    we put on raves in order to reach out the rave community here in Canada’s capital region. our first 4 or 5 events were very small only attracting like 40 to 60 people many of them our friends. This last year God has been active in opening the ravers hearts to these events and our message and i believe pushing to be stronger lights here in the world. I thanks you guys for your prayers for the techno ministries out here. we are one of those ministries. Anyways we just had an event called White Snow 2 and Deeflash from M837 and a Dj from the community called <3 spin at the event and the draw was really great. I have been encouraged by not only the numbers but the way God was moving through into individuals too. We get volunteers from the rave community WANTING to help set and tear down! they love to be a prat of our events. wild! we get to hang out with them talking and chilling, working and eating with people, some of them are curious spiritually some of them are not so much but we want you to pray for these guys and girls who we get to hang with.
    pray for more opps to chill
    pray for boldness and the urgency in our hearts to share the Truth woth them
    pray for open hearts.
    pray that we be sensitive to the spirit’s leading.

    I didnt ask you guys to pray before the rave for some reason.

    but now the need for your prayers is even more needed as we seek to love and intro these young people to christ who actually can transform them

    Im not the most spiritual person on our team, or the one who walks the closest with the Lord, but I think the spirit has prompted this urgency in my heart.
    I mean
    Who knows maybe Jesus will come back tommorrow or the next day!

    Thanks fam!

    i’ll try to remember about updating with some pictures or something


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    Josiah Fingaz

    Praying for you all! Thanks for sharing what the Lord is doing through the ministry. It’s encouraging to see so much ministry done with EDM now days. Really, really cool! :ugeek:

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    I love love LOVE your heart my friend. I was reading your post in awe of how amazing what you guys are doing is. That’s so great to hear. I’m sure anyone and everyone who is paying even the slightest bit of attention can see the great work God is doing in all of our lives and in the edm world. Your experiences and stories are proof of that alone.

    So I’ve now joined your facebook group, added you all as friends on facebook, and checked out your site. :) Would love to get connected with you guys.

    I will be praying!


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    Awesome to hear about this doode!! Keep it up and the most important part of any ministry/outreach is how much time ye devote to prayer. I’ll be joining ye in prayer, May The Lord Bless and keep ye doodes as ye shine the light for Him in this scene! (:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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