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    Hey guys/gals just putting it out there, one thing I am trying to go for this year is to work more and mess around less here at work. Please pray I don’t give in to all the distractions, i.e. internet, itunes. Gets hard especially being at work 10hrs cause of new clients/customers.

    Thanks mucho:)


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    Josiah Fingaz

    Why don’t you share this with your boss? I shared some bad attitudes/work habits I had with my boss and asked him to help hold me accountable to these resolutions and things really changed. Not to mention that he has a new level of respect for me. He told me that no one has ever came to him like that with that attitude before and it impressed him.

    Also a year later the Lord gave me a word of knowledge and prophesy for him that totally blew him away. He knew it was the Lord because I knew things that he knew there was no way that I could have possibly known. But that set him up to receive what the Lord wanted him to hear about his future if he would begin to pursue the Lord’s will for his life. I believe that my blatant honesty and attitude change the year before really opened up my heart towards him and his to me.

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    ill pray for u man. I have some bad habits myself and have been praying for some help for awhile and it is being ansewered. My trick… more prayer. One thing i was arriving late to work. Thank God that my job doesnt emphasize much in that but I knew it was wrong and wanted to change it. I tried everything to get there early and everytime something happened that stopped me from getting there early. I remebered one day I tried getting up, kneeling down and praying cuz out of the blue wanted to do it and that day I had arrived early. So I tried it again and it worked. So now Im not only arriving early, I am also praying in the morning which is something I wanted to do. God Bless!

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