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In Early 2012, we formed Gods DJs Records L.L.C. with the focus of producing worship electronic dance music. Not to be confused with “clean EDM” or EDM produced by Christians with secular lyrics. Any and all lyrics found in our releases are meant to be a heartfelt worshipful message to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. GodsDJs Records is headed up by Joshua Laya (aka Semper / DJ Faith). If you’re interested in releasing music on our label please send all new music submissions directly to Joshua at joshua.laya@godsdjs.com. Or click here for our web based submission form.

Please no pop, rap, or rock submissions. They will not be responded to.




Music Styles. recordworship3

Trance, house, dubstep, drum n bass, techno, electro, progressive, ambient, break beats …worship. These are sub-genre of electronic dance music that you can expect to find our worship music created in. We are taking back this amazing form of music from the enemy to be used as a weapon of worship instead of a weapon of self destruction and sinful lifestyles.





International Distribution.

At Gods DJs Records we pride ourselves on our ability to distribute your music to the EDM enthusiasts and Christian listeners all around the world who want to hear it. We distribute on nearly every well known digital distribution portal online but some of the more well known examples include : Beatport, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify, Trackitdown, and Rhapsody.






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