We are a group or network of Christians who enjoy electronic dance music and feel strongly that it can and is being used as a form of worship that brings glory to the Lord. We live in locations that span the globe, from the US to the UK, from South America to Africa; we represent the world’s finest Christian electronic dance music. We are also the world’s largest Christian EDM community (based on registered members and fans). We owned and operated the world’s first and only all Christian all electronic music download store found at (now closed…check out our DJ POOL SERVICE). And we run the largest legally broadcasting online radio station which only plays the best Christian and EDM 24 / 7. You can tune by visiting or by downloading our mobile radio app found in both the IOS App Store and Android Market.



What we believe is simple. Jesus is the son of God. He died for our sins and rose again. All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God, but through the Blood of Jesus we are born again into salvation. We also believe that DANCE is a Biblical form of worship. As seen in Psalms, David danced for the Lord. The Lord finds pleasure in our dancing as well as our singing. This is why we make DANCE MUSIC. Please note that we DO NOT share any new age, mystical, or “all path’s to God” beliefs. We are firmly rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ and believe that the Bible is the perfect Word of God. If you don’t agree or believe the same things as us that’s ok. Many of our members do not consider themselves to be Christians and many of the ones who do hold differing beliefs on some areas of Christianity. Regardless of what you believe or don’t believe YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!




We are here to bring the light of the Word to the darkest corners of the earth and to spread the word that dancing is in fact worship. We are here to produce, mix, remix, edit, and mash-up the latest Christian Electronic Dance Music (EDM) available today and we will continue to worship the Lord with our dance. We are also here to reach out to the lost in the rave communities of the world to show them that someone does care and love them and that Christ died for them too.



At we provide you access to the world’s largest Christian EDM community. We want to point out that while not all of the tracks / mixes created by our members may be directly worship related, they all will be Christian appropriate. This means: no cursing, no sexual undertones, no offensive language of any kind. If any of our DJ’s or Producer’s music is found to be offensive it will be immediately removed. This also goes for posts and conversations had on our site. We strive to bring a wholesome atmosphere of God’s love and worship along with fellowship and inspiration to our members.If you find any objectionable content within any of our member’s personal sites or music please report them to the administrator at

Thank you & God bless!

Nate Carlisle (aka Rodimus)
Founder of &