If you’re looking for access to the best and newest Christian Electronic Dance Muisc (CEDM) mp3s and wav files then look no further then our exclusive service CEDM DOWNLOAD DIRECT! Over the last 10 years our ministry has released some of the best CEDM and also taken ownership of many files through label mergers and independent artists donations that have been added into one massive download pool.

For $9.99 a month (via our Patreon page) you will receive access to the service where each month new songs will rotate in and old will rotate out. The service is managed through Dropbox and upon signing up for the subscription your email address will be added to the folder. If you’re a producer and you have music that you’d like to get added to the CEDM DOWNLOAD DIRECT pool please click here and send us a message with a link to your track. We’ll review it and get back with you ASAP.

Please note : Music downloaded from this service cannot be shared, copied, or used in creative works without express permission from the parent label. The music provided here is for personal listening or live performance use only.